Allenbury's Throat Pastilles

Allenbury's Medicated Throat Pastilles
"Efficient. Palatable"

Containing menthol, cocaine, red gum, eucalyptus, guaiacum, rhatany, potash, borax, formaldehyde and cinnamon oil.

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    If it has cocaine in it it's probably over 100 years old.

    I searched my cocaine history books and couldn't come up with anything on the Allenbury pastels. Maybe if someone else knows something they can chime in.

    I found this from a Google search:
    "The classic Grether's Blackcurrant Pastilles in the golden tin is the original and first of the Grether's brands to be launched, and as such is the core brand. The pastilles were invented around 300 years ago in Britain (still greatly known under the original name "Allenbury's") and the pastilles are still being manufactured mainly by hand using only the best raw ingredients."

    I have The Allenburys throat pastilles tin with Menthol, Ecualyptus and cocaine . My grandmother had it in her sewing box which I inherited about 25 years ago - just wondered how old it was.i