Song of Weeds - Don Redman and the Orchestra (1931) [aka Chant of the Weeds]

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Don Redman was a pioneer in jazz and swing arrangements, doing a lot of Fletcher Henderson's arrangements until 1927. He formed his own orchestra in 1931 and this song is from their first recording session on Sep 24, 1931. The orchestra consisted of:

Don Redman - alto sax, vocals
Leonard Davis, Bill Coleman, Henry 'Red' Allen - trumpet
Claude Jones, Fred Robinson, Benny Morton - trombone
Edward Engle, Rupert Cole - alto sax, clarinet
Robert Carroll - tenor sax
Horace Henderson - piano, arranger (Fletcher Henderson's brother)
Talcott Reeves - banjo, guitar
Bob Ysaguirre - bass
Manzie Johnson - violin
Lois Deppe - vocal

This song is listed as "CHANT OF THE WEED" in Rust and is the flip side of "SHAKIN' THE AFRICANN".

The record has seen extensive use, but the tune is worthy of a listen, even with a few pops and scratches. Enjoy!