Sinister Menace (1925)

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Early "shockumentary", apparently shot in Egypt, which documents the habits of opium addicts. The interiors of drug dens are shown, and at the conclusion the film an addict is shown collapsing on a sand dune; the booming voice of the narrator informs us that the addict has perished. Text retrieved from on August 31st, 2014.

Dwain Esper (October 7, 1892—October 18, 1982) was an American director and producer of exploitation films.

Drug related director credits

Sinister Menace (1930)
Narcotic (1933)
-aka Narcotic Racket (USA: reissue title)
-aka Narcotic! (USA: promotional title)
-aka Narcotic: As Interpreted by Dwain Esper (USA: closing credits title)

Marihuana (1936)
-aka Marihuana, the Devil's Weed
-aka Marihuana, the Weed with Roots in Hell!

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