Robert Mitchum Arrest (1948)

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Image retrived from on October 19th, 2014. It is an actual photograph from the marijuana possession trial of 1948.

On the night of 31 August, 1948, two narcs called McKinnon and Barr were staking out 8443 Ridpath Drive, an unprepossessing three room shack on a hillside in the Laurel Canyon district that the cops called 'Reefer Resort'. They observed Mitchum as he arrived around midnight with a buddy called Robin Ford. They watched the two men being welcomed by the householder, a 20 year-old platinum blonde actress called Lisa Leeds, and her room mate. Finally, hiding below the window sill, they saw Mitchum spark up a joint and, at that point, they busted in through the door without knocking.

The bust caused the cancellation of Bob's appearance the following day on the steps of City Hall, where he was scheduled to address a gathering for National Youth Week. It was also widely predicted to end his career. Indeed, Mitchum himself gave his profession as "former actor" when booked. To reporters, he confessed, "Sure, I've been using the stuff since I was a kid. I guess it's all over now. I'm ruined. This is the bitter end." But, a few minutes later, he did an about-face, claiming the arrest was a "frame-up".
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Once he became an actor they had problems casting him in parts that would personify his loner attributes. In 1948 after his career started to take off, Mitchum was arrested for possession of marijuana. This became major Hollywood news, to other actors this would have shattered their career. For Mitchum, it only enhanced his image.
Text retrieved from on October 19th, 2014.