Risperdal Business Card Holder

is a product of Janssen-Ortho Company.

Ortho Products began operations in Montreal in 1941 with one product and three employees. Moving to Toronto in 1944, the company outgrew a number of rented facilities until its own facilities were constructed in 1955. Continued growth required a number of plant expansions. McNeil products were first offered in Canada in 1948 through a distributor. Some ten years later, Johnson & Johnson acquired McNeil Laboratories and rapid growth began. In 1991, McNeil merged with Ortho to form Ortho-McNeil Inc.

Initially, McNeil Pharmaceutical and Ortho Pharmaceutical distributed Janssen products, until the company was established in Canada in 1982. Growth in new products, head count and sales were rapid for Janssen Pharmaceutica Canada and in 1995 merged to form Janssen-Ortho Inc.

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone enormous changes not only in Canada but also throughout the world. To this influence, Janssen-Ortho has re-evaluated traditional practices and has invested heavily in the future to deliver better treatments and services to its customers and to the users of its products. Resources have been committed to four key areas.

Janssen-Ortho has a long and proud history on contributing to the management of psychotic and central nervous system disorders. Looking after the reproductive health of women has always been a major commitment. Helping patients who are suffering with anemia as a result of kidney failure, cancer, or HIV treatments is key to the future success of Janssen-Ortho Inc.

- courtesy of Janssen-Ortho.

Risperdal Business Card Holder