Raising Hemp To Eradicate Weeds - October 9, 1914 - Routt County Sentinel

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Images and text retrieved from Denver Westword Blogs on October 12th, 2013.

Yesterday, Melanie Asmar wrote about the first legal hemp crop in Colorado (and the U.S.) in more than fifty years.

It's a big step forward for advocates, who would like to see hemp return to the legal, useful status it once enjoyed.

Like, for example, as a way to rid your fields of truly pesky weeds, as this article we dug up from the October 9, 1914 Routt County Sentinel points out.

Not only can hemp help fuel our homes and cars, create fiber and foods and help draw out contaminates in soil - it can keep quack grass at bay.

Yes, now that Amendment 64 has passed all of our quack grass worries are gone!