Parke, Davis & Co., Pressed Flowering Tops of Cannabis Sativa

Parke, Davis & Co.

From 1890 through 1937, the Parke, Davis & Company widely marketed various formulations of medical cannabis. The products and formulations were advertised as originating from "home-grown cannabis." Parke, Davis & Company marketed tinctures and fluid extracts sold by the pint or fluid ounce; cannabis tablets and pills sold by the gram; solid and powdered extracts sold by the gram, ounce, or pound; and "pressed flowering tops" also sold by the gram, ounce, or pound. Solid and powdered extracts along with "flowering tops" were sold to practitioners or ultimate users who wished to prepare their own tinctures, fluids, or tablets. (Emphasis added)

The advertised uses of these formulations include the following: analgesic, sedative, corn cures, spasmodic disorders, genito-urinary irritation, persistent cough, insomnia, hysteria, asthma, delirium tremens, acute fevers, cathartics, migraine, gastralgia, pruritus, neuralgia, and as a narcotic "used in place of opium."

Excerpt from FDA Grandfather Clause Petition by Paul Klopper & Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya (May 1999, pp. 1-2)

Image taken by Bert Easterbrooke

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