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Robson (1912) stated:
In medicinal doses cannabis is used as an aphrodisiac, for neuralgia, to quiet maniacs, for the cure of chronic alcoholism and morphine and the chloral habits, for mental depression, hysteria, softening of the brain, nervous vomiting, for St. Vitus' Dance and for... epileptic fits of the most appalling kind" - p. 48, Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana by M. L. Mathre (1997)

The use of cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes spread rapidly throughout Western medicine, as is evidenced in the report of the Committee on Cannabis Indica of the Ohio State Medical Society, published in 1860... A Dr. Fronmueller, of Fuerth, Ohio, summarized his experiences with the drug as follows:

"I have used hemp many hundred times to relieve local pains of an inflammatory as well as neuralgic nature, and judging from these experiments, I have to assign to the Indian hemp a place among the so-called hypnotic medicines next to opium; its effects are less intense, and the secretions are not so much suppressed by it. The whole effect of hemp being less violent, and producing a more natural sleep, without interfering with the actions of the internal organs, it is certainly often preferable to opium..."

- Introduction Marijuana: Medical Papers (1839-1972)

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Parke & Davis Cannabis Neuralgic
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