Newsreels from the Repeal of Alcohol Prohibition (1933)

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NY Gov Smith Receives Case of Budweiser (1933) [offsite video]

New York, United States of America.

A wagon pulled by six dray horses draws up alongside the pavement in a busy New York street.

The Mayor of New York introduces Governor Al Smith to Mr Myers a representative of the brewers of Budweiser beer. The brewer presents the Governor with the first crate of beer to be delivered to the state after the end of prohibition. He makes a speech about what a good thing the end of prohibition is. He jokes about the case of beer being a bit small and reminds the brewer that he is around a lot and has lots of friends.

Billy Sunday Declares War on Dry Repeal (1933) [offsite video]

"Billy Sunday Declares War On Dry Repeal. Energetic evangelist attacks wet campaign with all his old-time vigor in plea for Prohibition at Chicago."

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

Billy Sunday preaches against the return of alcohol following the end of prohibition. He says that he will fight the saloon from Hawaii to Hoboken. He shakes and gesticulates wildly.

August A. Busch Jr. celebrates Prohibition's repeal (1933)

Repeal of Prohibition Newsreel