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Mescaline was the first psychedelic compound to be isolated and extracted (from Peyote), which occurred in 1896. In 1919 it became the first psychedelic to be synthesized. For the next 35 years it remained a somewhat obscure compound known primarily to the psychiatric community. In 1953 the popular novelist Aldous Huxley read about mescaline. Soon thereafter Huxley tried mescaline, and brought it to the attention of the public by writing The Doors of Perception.

Illegal drug labs rarely produce mescaline for the underground market because of its inneficiency, high cost, and lack of a market. It requires approximately 0.5 gram of mescaline sulfate to produce a psychedelic trip. This same amount of material would represent 4 doses of ecstasy, 50 doses of psilocin or 2500 doses of LSD. And without the large market of substances like ecstasy, smaller, less efficient batches must be produced, raising the cost of production even higher. The small amount of mescaline that is produced for the psychedelic underground typically fetches from $100 to $200 per gram ($50 to $100 per dose)...clearly too expensive to become a popular street drug.

The amount of mescaline sulfate required for a full experience is about 500 mg (or approximately 350 mg of mescaline hydrochloride). Pure mescaline should be taken in two half-doses about 30 minutes apart. This will minimize disturbance of the stomach, which usually passes after the first couple of hours of the high. When consuming whole cacti one is actually taking a combination of alkaloids which synergistically interact with each other, producing an experience that is different, and sometimes more desirable, than pure mescaline.

Some find the mescaline experience to be more visual than mushrooms or acid. However, they only experienced really spectacular visuals when using synthetic mescaline. Like psilocybin, mescaline tends to link the user with collective evolutionary consciousness more than synthetics like LSD. The exeriences produced by these natural psychedelics seem more "significant" than an acid high, which is moe analytical. An acid high often seems to be a by-product of magnifying the mind, whereas with mushrooms and cactus one feels they are in touch with something ancient, spiritual, personal. Mescaline has a unique signature in this context that many find most magical, a feeling that the gods or protective allies are smiling down on me. The duration can be 6 to 14 hours depending on the amount consumed. The "coming back" portion of a mescaline trip is smoother than with the other traditional psychedelics. And the user doesn't feel the "drained of energy" or "neural overload" feeling that can come after an intense acid trip.

Excerpt from Richard McKenzie Neal's The Path to Addiction..."and other troubles we are born to know", (2008, pp. 240-242).

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