Lloyd Brothers Cystitis Cannabis Tincture Instructions

Lloyd Brothers, Cincinnati Ohio, Specific Medicines Cannabis Tincture

Specific Use: To relieve irritation of the urinary organs - cystitis, gonorrhea, gleet; and as a stimulant to the nerve centers. A remedy for chronic alcoholism.

What is Cystitis?

Specific Cannabis is an agent to control pain and secure rest, and for these purposes may be selected when opium would be objectionable. Unlike the latter it causes no loss of appetite nor arrest of secretion, and the skin retains its normal condition under its use. It is useful in spasmodic disorders with pain, and is of special service in painful gastric affections, as gastralgia, gastric neuralgia, gastric ulcer, and cancer of the stomach. Cannabis is a favourite agent to control irritable conditions of the bladder and urethra, and is particularly useful, with aconite and gelsemium, to control inflammation and pain incident to gonorrhea, and to prevent spasmodic action liable to terminate in chordee. It allays the urethral irritation following the passing of bougies, sounds, divulsors, etc., into the urethra. Cannabis meets the following conditions. Marked nervous depression; irritation of the urinary tract with burning painful micturition and tenesmus, ardor urinae and scalding sensation upon urination, low mental conditions with insomnia, or brief sleep with unpleasant dreams, mental illusions, pain and spasm, and menstrual headache. Pronounced nervous depression with irritability, is the guide to its selection.

Also known as gastrodynia. Pain in the stomach; a stomachache.
Medical Dictionary, Gastralgia

Painful erection of the penis often with a downward curvature that may be present in a congenital condition (as hypospadias) or accompany gonorrhea.
Merriam Webster, Chordee

Documenting cannabis for cystitis in other cultures and times

Materia Medica recommending cannabis for cystitis

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