Lloyd Brothers Antidepressant Tincture Label

Lloyd Brothers Specific Medicine Antidepressant Cannabis Tincture

Specific Indications:Nervous depression, tendency to melancholia, with wakefulness. Mental illusions or delusions, and forgetfulness.

Uses:To relieve the above conditions, especially if there be pain in the stomach, or distress and discomfort in the pelvic organs especially; frequency of urination, or tenesmus or cystitis.

The range of action of this remedy, although classed as a mild one, is quite wide. It especially controls gastric pain, and directly influences pain in the pelvis, especially if the specific indications herein given are present. There are certain conditions of the brain and nervous system which are directly affected by it. It is useful in hysterical patients, and in the mild forms of insanity in women, especially if these be due to menstrual irregularities which are the cause of pain.
It is useful in delirium, with restlessness, after protracted fevers, and in cerebro-spinal meningitis. In functional disorders of the stomach, with pain, given in conjunction with directly indicated remedies, it is of much value. It does not suppress secretion of disarrange the functional operations of the gastro-intestinal organs. Certain erratic pains in the bowels are controlled by it. It allays abnormal sexual appetite; is given with good results in gonorrhea and controls chordee, priapism and spermatorrhea, and soothes mental anxiety present with these conditions. It cures strangury, spasmodic stricture, painful urination, burning and scalding in passing urine, and frequent urination. It is a remdy for insomnia, especially where, during brief sleep, there are unpleasant dreams.

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