A Little Jive Is Good For You - Martha Tilton (1941)

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Jive is the vernacular of vipers, and is also used to refer to jazz music.[1]

Besides referring to the music scene, much of the argot related to drugs such as marijuana. For example, Mezz Mezzrow gave this sample:[2]

SECOND CAT: Hey Mezzie, lay some of that hard-cuttin' mess on me. I'm short of a deuce of blips but I'll straighten you later.
MEZZROW: Righteous, gizz, you're a poor boy but a good boy — now don't come up crummy.
SECOND CAT: Never no crummy, chummy. I'm gonna lay a drape under the trey of knockers for Tenth Street and I'll be on the scene, wearin' the green. [1]

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