Little Ceasar (1931)

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Little Caesar is one of the earliest of the Prohibition-era gangster films with audible dialogue. Edward G. Robinson plays Ceasar Enrico Bandello, a social climber, mob boss, and efficient killer.

Caesar first appears as a small-town criminal, robbing a gas station and murdering the attendant. But he soon tires of kiling for petty cash and heads to the city, where he swiftly ingratiates himself with the powerful Prohibition gang boss, Sam Vettori. To prove himself, Caesar leads the Vettori gang in New Year's Eve hold-up at an upmarket nighclub run by Little Arnie Lorch, a Vettori rival, for control of the alcohol trade.
Text retrieved from Alcohol: Science, Policy and Public Health, Peter Boyle, Paolo Boffetta, Albert B. Lowenfels and Harry Burns, 2013 (pg 35).