Lilly & Co. Gravel Plant

Arbutus, Trailing
Epigaea repens

  • Common Names: Gravel Plant, Wild May Flower, Gravel Laurel, Mountain Pink, Winter Pink, Arbutus.
  • Medicinal Part: The whole plant, especially the leaves.
  • Solvent: Boiling water.
  • Bodily Influences: Diuretic, Astringent.
  • Uses: This American plant is aid to be superior ... in all lithic acid diseases of the urinary organs associated with irritation. Useful for gravel [kidney stones], debilitated or relaxed bladder, and in urine containing blood or pus. Successfully used in diarrhoea and bowel complaints of children.
  • Homeopathic Clinical: Tincture of fresh leaves- Calculi Urinary, Dysuria, Gravel, Dysentery.

- pp. 14- 15, Indian Herbalogy of North America: The Definitive Guide to Native Medicinal Plants and Their Uses by Alma R. Hutchens (1973)

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