H. K. Mulford Ad 1921

This is an original 1921 black and white print ad for the H. K. Mulford Company of Philadelphia, featuring their Mulford Laboratories, scientists at the forefront of advances in bacteriology, therapeutics, and pharmacy. The image is of the Mulford Biological Laboratories that are in Glenolden, Pennsylvania.

From: H. K. Mulford Ad

The full ad reads: The Mulford Biological Laboratories are situated in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, nine miles south of Philadelphia, on the highway to Baltimore and Washington.

The H. K. Mulford Co. established the first Biological Laboratories in the United States, and practically all the biological products now in general use were first produced commercially in these laboratories.

The laboratories comprise two groups, one of 32 buildings, for the production of human products, at Glenolden proper, and another of 25 buildings, for the production of veterinary products located at Ridgeway, one-half mile distant, the whole covering an area of 200 acres.
The unit system is fully developed, whereby each product or class of products is restricted to an individual laboratory, each under the direction of an expert.

There is also a drug farm where some of the most important drugs are grown on a commercial scale. Scientific methods are employed, from the selection of the seed to the harvesting and curing of the crop.

The products of the Mulford Laboratories represent the most recent advances in the sciences of bacteriology, therapeutics and pharmacy.

Proof H. K. Mulford Grew Cannabis

The crops known to have been grown by H. K. Mulford included cannabis. For instance, on page 20 of the 1917 American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, Volume 65, it states:

The H. K. Mulford Co. have established a drug farm at Glenolden for cultivating medicinal plants, and for increasing the yield of active principles and securing more uniform activity. For the past six years we have successfully grown digitalis, belladonna, cannabis, and hydrastis. These cultivated drugs are of the highest quality medicinally, as illustrated by belladonna, cannabis and digitalis, the activity of which have been materially increased.

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