Drug Train

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Hey people, all aboard the drug train!
The tracks are new and there is a new town!
On the drug train, have a nice day
On the drug train, come up and get onboard
I used to know all the sights til I got onboard the drug train
I'm gonna chug it out to get onboard
To put one foot up
To put another foot up
Put another foot up and you're onboard the drug train
Open up that Golden Gate
Woo hoo the drug train


I can tell they trick your mother on the drug train
Should I call the Brooklyn news
There's lots to do on a drug train
Drinks and drivin' and slipping and sliding
With all of your friends on the drug train
Woah the drug train woo hoo
The drug train woo hoo
Put another foot up to get onboard
The drug train woo hoo
Get on board the drug train
The drug train woo woo!

Do your thing
woo hoo!

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punk, rock, grunge, drugs