Dealing with Carcinogens/Cancer-Causing Contaminants

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A lot of the chemicals we are exposed to are carcinogenic, and this requires more long-term thinking. You won't get cancer the moment you are exposed, but the initial exposure or chronic exposure can result in cancer later on. There are some ways to protect and heal yourself when dealing with carcinogens.

Use medicinal mushrooms. These powerful healers go far in terms of balancing immune function and increasing immune system vigilance to cancer cells, as well as help with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), which is a chronic condition which tends to occur when people have been overexposed to toxic chemicals. If you've been exposed to a carcinogenic substance, you may want to be on medicinal mushrooms for your whole life. What you need is long-term immune vigilance against cancer. Turkey tail is a great mushroom for those who are at risk for cancer (from breast cancer from endocrine disruptors, to liver cancer). Reishi and shiitake mushrooms are not only great for fighting off cancer, but they also support the liver, which i absolutely necessary. Red reishi is a fantastic liver detoxifier and reduces allergies and hypersensitivity, which is why it is good for those who suffer from MCS. Besides fighting off cancer cells, the reishi mushroom decreases the level irritation and inflammation our bodies will experience. Reishi can be powdered and prepared in a tea or soup. Shiitake mushrooms are used for liver diseases and cancer support and really maintain a vigilant immune system to make sure tumors don't develop. It is important to ingest these mushrooms on a daily basis, and to either wildcraft them or make sure they come from organic sources. As mushrooms are hyperaccumulators of heavy metals, you need to be careful of their source.


Eat garlic as well as brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, kale and mustard). They all have sulfur-rich compounds that are really important for some core functions of the liver, as well as cancer prevention. Try to take two to three cloves of garlic a day. You need to chop it up and let it sit for a few minutes for compounds to be activated; then eat it up. Alternate with brassicas.


Hopefully, you can weave all these foods and medicines into a daily cuisine. Treat yourself easily and incorporate these substances into a lifelong process so that you can withstand the daily barrage of modern life. Because you can't hide from everything, make sure your body has what it needs: healing herbs, bitter plants, garlic, brassicas, flavonoids and heavy amounts of medicinal mushrooms.

Also, be careful about aggressively detoxing, as you can do yourself some damage by removing things too quickly. Many chemicals are stored in fat cells, and you may end up inflaming systems in the body if you work too hard and too fast to draw them out. People can have a massive inflammatory reaction to too much detoxification, which is why the medicinal mushrooms, turmeric and anti-inflammatories are so important.

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