Dan Dunn - Secret Operative 48 and the Dope Ring (1940)

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"Paul Helliwell is the personification of the CIA's respectable, financial aspect of international drug trafficking. While serving as an Army Intelligence officer in the Middle East in the Second World War, he was drafted by William Donovan to manage OSS Special Intelligence operations in China. In that sensitive position, Helliwell worked with Chiang Kai-shek's intelligence chief, General Tai Li, and through him the drug smuggling Green Gang in Shanghai. Under his direction, OSS officers also employed opium as a weapon of political warfare. As historian Richard H. Smith informs us, "Through his agent, Le Xuan, [OSS officer] Roberts bribed an old Vietnamese nationalist with a pouch of opium and thus secured a full dossier on Ho's revolutionary background, including the record of his years in Moscow." This was no small event. The discovery of that dossier convinced the Americans not to back the Vietnamese nationalists against the French in Indochina, and turned the tide of history. After serving as chief of a Strategic Services Unit in the Far East, Helliwell joined a Miami law firm in 1947. A specialist in private financing, he helped set up the CIA proprietary companies Civil Air Transport (later renamed Air America) ..." [1]

[1] The Strength Of The Wolf, Douglas Valentine, 2004, pp. 154-155 (Dan Dunn comic book from 1940)