Crime Inc. - The Making of the Mob

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With archive film including home movies and FBI surveillance material, the award-winning Crime Inc. tells the true story behind the world's most powerful crime syndicate, the Mob, La Cosa Nostra or The Mafia.

Interviews with mob members turned informants, including former boss Jimmy 'The Weasel' Fratianno, reveal the inner workings of the mafia, from the ritual of becoming a ‘made' man and their code of honor, to the harrowing and detailed descriptions of their work, accompanied by equally graphic images and film footage.

Crime Inc. dared to get close to the heart of 'The Family' and the result is frightening and compelling. Forget what you have seen in the movies. The fact is more shocking than the fiction. The television series Crime Inc was produced in 1984 by the Thames Television, then offered for American syndication. This brilliantly assembled seven-part documentary of the rise of organized crime in America during the Prohibition years lay on the shelf until Geraldo Rivera's 1986 'investigation' of Al Capone's vault turned out to be the highest-rated syndicated special in history. The suddenly renewed interest in past criminal activity enabled D. L. Taffner, Crime Inc's distributor, to secure choice play dates in many American TV markets.

The project had an advantage over most documentaries in having interviews with modern day villains including ex-Los Angelas crime boss and noted hitman, Jimmy 'The Weasel' Fratianno, and the refined and smooth talking Ray Ferritto...the hitman who blew up Irishman Danny Greene, solving the mob's problems in Cleveland. Crime Inc later ran on the Arts & Entertainment cable service as 'Crime in America'.

'TV Shocker that lifts the lid on The Godfathers'- Daily Express

'Super But you've got to have a strong stomach' - The Sun

'The Godfather as a documentary' - New York Times