Churchill Drug Co.

A merger of the C.P. Squires & Company and Reynolds & Churchill
Company in 1889 created the Churchill Drug Company, a wholesale drug company that would be successful in Burlington within the Manufacturing and Wholesale Historic District well into the century. (Antrobus 1915,
Vol. 2: 116, 176; Svendsen 1977: 97)

The Churchill Drug Company of Burlington is one of the largest wholesale enterprises of this character in the middle west. The business has been in continuous existence for over sixty years, they having succeeded the old wholesale drug houses of C. P. Squires & Company and Reynolds & Churchill. In 1889 articles of incorporation were taken out under the name of the Churchill Drug Company, with F. E. Churchill as president, C. P. Squires, vice president, F. S. Churchill, secretary, and A. T. Churchill, treasurer. The first two have now passed away and the personnel of the house has somewhat changed, A. T. Churchill having become president, F. S. Churchill, vice president, C. S. Hutchins, second vice president, Herman Bouquet, secretary, and F. L. Hastings, treasurer.

The company are now doing business in a four-story brick building they recently erected, having a frontage of one hundred and twenty feet on Fourth street, and one hundred and seventeen feet on Market street.
A branch house was started in Cedar Rapids in 1904, and A. T. Churchill is president of that company. They occupy a five-story brick building with a one hundred and twenty foot frontage on First street.

Each year the business shows a satisfactory increase, and they now have the distinction of being one of the largest wholesale drug houses in the middle west, employing thirty-two traveling salesmen. They have never claimed philanthropic motives for their superior service, but have ever recognized the fact that close and prompt attention to the wishes of their patrons, fair prices and honorable dealing, always win success, and these qualities have continuously been employed in the house.

History of Des Moines County, Iowa: And Its People
By Augustine M. Antrobus
Published by The S. J. Clarke publishing company, 1915
Item notes: v. 2
Original from the New York Public Library

From Notes for Frank S. Churchill

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