Cannabis was FDA approved until 1941, THC (marinol) reapproved in 1985

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Image retrieved from on October 26th, 2014.

A core argument to maintain the prohibition of marijuana asserts that marijuana is not FDA approved medicine. How accurate is this claim?

Marijuana actually enjoyed FDA approval from the creation of that government agency until 1941, but marijuana itself has never subjected to the FDA approval process. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, has been FDA approved. Synthetic psychoactive ingredients from natural marijuana pass FDA muster, but natural plant-engineered THC does not.

Pure THC, an FDA approved, schedule 3 controlled substance, commonly know as Marinol, doesn’t create criminals. It also doesn’t treat patients near as effectively as natural cannabis has been proven to do.

Marinol costs hundreds of dollars for its patients to use each month. If medical marijuana could be bought at a shop down the street, the FDA approved pharmaceutical would be out of business in five minutes. Organic cannabinoids cost far, far less than the FDA approved synthetic pill.
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