Bob High #49

SKU: BHighSold

Acrylic on canvas

High bid
11 years 10 weeks ago


Amazing work nice creativity indeed :)

This trippy Bob High #49 is still available until listed "sold".

***WOO HOOO***
my first bob high!!

If you really love the painting you might wanna stay up on Friday night with a new bid ready to send if someone else puts in a bid at the last minute ... but what are the chances of THAT happening?

The only way to know is to keep watching the comment section.

..... yeah i had a stoner moment and applied the 'will not be shown publicly' thing to the whole comment, as opposed to just ur email.... silly me.

Yeah ... if a higher number appears in the comments section.

oh. never mind.

is there a way to know if we've been out-bid?