Amanita flavoconia

Identification marks

The caps and the remains of the outer veil are chrome yellow, the stalk is also chrome yellow, and there are chrome yellow pieces of the outer veil around the base of the stalk. The ring is also yellow. It may seem at times to resemble small specimens of A. muscaria, but it is readily distinguished by its bluish (amyloid) spores.


Not recommended.

When and where to find it

This is not a common species in the sense that it can be collected in quantity, but it fruits every summer in the area eat of the Great Plains. It is most abundant in the birch-hemlock associations of the upper Lake states. It often fruits during relatively dry summers when other fungi are not numerous. I have not found it in the west, but it should be sought for in southern Oregon.


-p. 179, The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide: Revised and Enlarged by Alexander H. Smith (1973)

Amanita flavoconia
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