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Pfizer is a company tracing its Canadian Roots back to 1953.

"Pfizer was founded in 1849 by two cousins in Brooklyn, New York. Charles Pfizer, a chemist and Charles Erhart, a confectioner, teamed up to create The Chas. Pfizer and Company Inc. Originally, the company was a manufacturer of household chemicals, including tartar, borax and refined camphor.

The first medicinal product sanotin was a preparation that helped combat parasitic worms. And its success helped the company move to a larger building in the Wall Street area of Manhattan.

By the turn of the century, Pfizer was mainly focused on producing citric acid, widely used to flavour soft drinks, foods and medicines. Throughout the 20s and 30s Pfizer pioneered innovative new deep-tank fermentation methods to make more affordable and higher quality citric acid from molasses.

During World War II, scientists were focused on developing infection-fighting medications. One promising medication called penicillin, which was invented by British researcher Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928 held great promise. But no one could figure out how to make it in large quantities, so it remained a laboratory curiosity.

In the 40s, several US-based companies were enlisted to solve the problem and Pfizer was able to use its innovative citric acid technologies to become the first company ever to produce penicillin in mass quantities. The wonder drug was soon available to treat Allied troops after the D-Day invasion, and the world entered the age of modern medicine.

In 1959, after conducting more than 20 million laboratory tests and examining 135,000 soil samples from around the globe, Pfizer introduced Tarramycin, an important new antibiotic medicine. Soon after, the company moved into its new global headquarters on East 42nd Street in Manhattan, where the company is still located to this day.

By the early 60s, the company, known by now simply as Pfizer Inc., helped to mark another important human health milestone.

As the principal manufacturer of an innovative oral polio vaccine, which was administered to nearly 60 million people, we are proud of our small role in helping to bring an end to the fear of contracting the disease in North America.

[Pfizer's] mission to help people live healthier lives remains as one of [the] core founding values and inspires [the company] to invest heavily in medical research around the world. [Pfizer is] one of the largest contributors to private health care research in Canada and collaborate with health care professionals and scientists across the nation." - History courtesy of

Pfizer has a history of scandals, including but not limited to admitted illegal marketing of pharmaceutics, defective heart valves and the AIDS virus.



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