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"We know with certainty that the coca leaves were an important medicine in pre-Hispanic times. Unfortunately, the paucity of sources from the period means that we do not have any specific information concerning the ways in which they were utilized...
Today, the folk medicinal uses of coca are so manifold that it has been called the äspirin of the Andes". Coca is used for pains of all types, neuralgia, rheumatism, colds, flu, digestive problems, constipation, colic, upset stomachs, altitude sickness, exhaustion and states of weakness and to ease labor. Coca leaves are burned or smoked to treat bronchitis, asthma, and coughs. In the nineteenth century, the popular Encyclopadie der medizinisch-pharmazeutischen Naturalien und Rohwarenkunde of Eduard Martiny (1954) listed coca smoke as a treatment for asthma. Coca leaves appear to have been smoked for this purpose quite often in England, where they were imported under the name Puruvian tobacco.
A brewed coca tea ( mate de coca) is recommended in cases of diabetes and to suppress the appetite of people who are overweight, as a stomach tonic, as an aid in digestion, and to treat diarrhea, states of exhaustion, and especially altitude and travel sickness. The tea is effective both therapeutically and as a preventative for soroche or la puna, the altitude sickness that is common on the Altiplano, the high plateau of the Andes (Europeans are especially fond of the tea).
In Peru, a tea made with coca leaves and cedrón is drunk to treat stomach pains and other indispositions.
The usage information provided for an extract of E. coca var coca produced in Bolivia and is known as Jarabe de coca states that the product will improve physical beauty, sexual functioning, digestion, and mental activity; stimulate the appetite and the circulation; strengthen the bones; and promote liver activity.
The wandering Callawaya healers of the Andes use a mixture of coca leaves and other herbs to treat rheumatism.
Today, many star athletes (soccer, football, baseball, etc.) utilize pure cocaine as a doping agent. Such use has its roots in the use of coca by the runners who carried messages throughout the Incan empire. These "postal runners"traversed great distances in the high mountains to take the messages contained in knotted strings from one corner of the empire to another. Without coca, this pre-Hispanic postal service would certainly have collapsed. "

-pp. 250 - 251, The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications by Christian Rätsch (1998)

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