Psilocybe strictipes

Psilocybe strictipes has a hygrophanous yellow-brown or olive-brown cap, and a stem flesh which tends to turn brown when broken.It is somewhat gregarious and occurs commonly in conifer bark, especially bark mulch in flower beds. P. baeocystis is darker in colour when fresh, deep olive-brown which fades to a beautiful oyster gray on drying. The stem flesh does not show brown staining tendency when bruised. this mushroom occurs rarely in lawns. both mushrooms are very potent. Occasionally, person accustomed to collecting P. semilanceata discover some P. baeocystis or P. strictipes. One could have an interesting evening with twenty to forty P. semilanceata but this many P. baeocystis, and possibly P. strictipes would be a dangerous overdose. Two specimens of P. baeocystis and four of P. strictipes is an effective dose.

Exerpt and image from Richard and Karen Haard's Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, (1977, Colour Plate 25, p. 78).

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