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A case of rabies was treated with cannabis doses and while it did not cure the disease, it allowed the patient constant relief from the horrendous hydrophobia of the condition to the extent that he could drink water, eat fruit, and swallow rice. O'Shaughnessy included this example as he was impressed by the power of hemp to alleviate the hydrophobia and he observed that if he could not cure, it was the duty of the doctor to 'strew the path to the tomb with flowers'. Cholera was also in town at the time of his experiments although O'Shaughnesssy admitted that it seemed to be a mild strain of the disease. Cannabis tincture was administered to victims and it seemed to have the effect of controlling diarrhoea and vomiting and of inducing rest. O'Shaughnessy stressed in a footnote that he had experimented on European sufferers as well as on Indian patients and had seen excellent effects on both....O'Shaughnessy also treated delirium tremens with the drug, and found that considerable improvement could be effected through the administrations of cannabis preparations....Indeed, in his subsequent guide to the Bengal Pharmacopoeia of 1844 he described it as a 'powerful and valuable remedy in hyrdrophobia, tetanus, cholera and many convulsive disorders' and as 'narcotic, stimulant and anti-convulsive given in cholera, delirium tremens, tetanus and other convulsive diseases, also in neuralgia, in tic doloroux [sic] etc.'. He outlined the treatment to be used and advocated twenty minims and upwards, administered in syrup. He even helpfully included the recipe for the tincture of hemp....O'Shaughnessy was therefore the first British medical man to conduct his own trials and to speak from his own varied and extensive experience. History shows that when he did speak, it was to say that cannabis was a wonder-drug.

From Mills' Cannabis Britannica: Empire, Trade, and Prohibition 1800-1928, (2003, pp. 43-46).

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