Robinson's Cocaine Hydrochlorate

Cocaine Hydrochloride (Cocaine muriate)

Medical Use
Surface Anesthetic only.
Dose: Cornea 1 to 4 %. Nose and throat 10 to 20%.
Human Toxicity: Vertigo, nausea, peripheral vascular collapse, coma and death may occur in patients who possess an idiosyncrasy to the drug. In others, ingestion of over 30 mg may cause delirium, hyperreflexia, convulsions, tachycardia, syncope, respiratory failure, hypotension and death.
Caution: Narcotic. Causes true addiction! Not to be used internally or by injections.

Veterinary Use
Locally in minor surgery of eye, nose, throat, skin, extremities. For epidural anesthesia in dystocia uteral prolapse, surgery. As central stimulant in shock, collapse. As nerve block in diagnosis of lameness in horses. Orally in vomiting of dogs, cats.

- p. 173, The Merck Index: Seventh Edition (1960)

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