French Drug Co. Complete Cold Treatment

Label reads:

"10 % Alcohol
2.5 gr. Cannabis U.S.P.
4 m. Chloroform
in each fluid ounce, combined with Lobelia, Balsam, [unreadable], Tarter Emetic, and Ammonium Chloride. "

Medical Uses: Topical antiseptic and astringent; peripheral vasclar disease; angina pectoris; a carminative in gastric dyspepsia; test for gastric acidity; temporary source of parenteral nutrition and sedation; acute pulmonary edema, nerve block for severe, intractable pain; pruritus vulvae; surgical anesthesia; intractable pain and postspinal-puncture headache; insomnia, for production of diaphoresis. (p. 28)

Medical Uses: Inhalation anesthetic, internally as antitussive, carminative and flavoring agent for medicaments and formally as anthelmintic; externally as counter- irritant. (p. 243)

- Referenced from The Merck Index, Seventh Edition (1960)

Cannabis Indica
Hypnotic; Diuretic; Intoxicant; Anodyne; Nervine; Sudorific; Aphrodis
Uses: Headache, summer diahreah, anorexia, neural. [no elaboration]; rheumatism, gout, chorea, hysteria, mental depression, delirium, tremens, uterine hemorrhage. (p. 123)

- Referenced from The Merck Index, Third Edition (1907)

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French Drug Co. Complete Cold Treament