Parke, Davis & Co. Neuralgic Idiopathic No. 414


  • 2.3 gr. Extract-Hyosoyamus
  • 1-2 gr. Extract-Ignatia
  • 1-2 gr. Extract-Opium
  • 1-6 gr. Belladonna leaves
  • 2- 3 gr. Confun fruit
  • 1 - 5 gr. Stratmonium seed
  • 1- 3 gr. Aconite leaves
  • 1 - 4 gr. Indian Cannabis

    "Parke-Davis Organized the first industrial pharmaceutical library in the United States in the mid-1880's. Emphasis at that time was on information containing herbs and medicinal plants. A feature of the library was the Herbarium, seen behind the man at the left. This was an outstanding collection of dried herbs from all parts of the world, used for comparative study and identification of lots of medicinal herbs"

    - Parke- Davis at 100 (1966)

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  • Parke & Davis Neuralgic Idiopathic