Wampole's Asparoline Part 1

"There is a pleasant remedy for all functional derangements of women — Dj'smenorrhoea, Lcucorrhcea, etc.

Asparoline Compound

In nine cases out often it cures permanently — in the tenth case it relieves. Proof in the shape of enough Asparoline Compound to treat one case sent free on request.

Dr. II. B. Elfer, of New Orleans, says: "I have thoroughly tested your Wampole's Asparoline [compound] in several cases of Dy menorrh[o]ea and Amenorrh[oe]a and found that relief immediately followed its use, and I have effected a cu[r]e in each and all cases treated by me. and I can safely recommend it to all practitioners as an effective Anti-Spasmodic in Uterine troubles."

- from The Canadian Medical Review, Volume 2 (1895)

Another example of Wampole's Asparoline .