Uncle Sam Fights a New Drug Menace…Marijuana - Popular Science (May, 1936)

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Text and images retrieved from modernmechanix.com on February 13th, 2015.

These 1930’s era articles about pot always make it sound like they’re talking about PCP or something. I have never seen anyone who smoked pot go into a “delirious rage” causing them to commit murder. According to this article whenever anyone got killed, the police would go looking for pot-heads to blame it on. Of everything in the article that’s what would scare me. Smoke pot and the cops will frame you for murder.

I also think it’s odd that in all of these articles the authors never mention that pot gives you the munchies. I bet that if you asked a hundred people to name an effect of marijuana at least half would say it makes them hungry. Granted “Local teen empties fridge on pot fueled rampage, will cupboards be next? ” doesn’t make the scariest headline.