Tryptamine Hallucinogens, Alien Machinery & Antifascism

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I think the experience of the tryptamine hallucinogens is qualitatively different from any other hallucinogen. It exceeds the model of Jungian-Freudian psychology by quite a bit. The tryptamine hallucinogens don't seem to convey you into part of the human psyche, personal or collective. It's more like they convey you into a parallel universe or an alternate dimension that has a reality outside of the human psyche.
The other aspect of the tryptamine hallucinogens is that there is felt to be an intelligent presence that you can interact with and dialogue with. The messages are insights from a point of view not that of ego, but they come into the mind with great clarity and diction. They're like listening to yourself think, except it isn't yourself thinking.
Most people just explore the area right over the threshold of activity, and think that that's all it is: this amphetamine like lift, flat geometric visual hallucinations, accelerated thought processes. Those are the things which happen with a light dose of these compounds.
On an effective dose, you get these hyper-dimensional hallucinations that are more like sculpted geometric patterns that can be viewed from all angles. You get the sense of the contact with a hierarchy of organized intelligence. You get these extremely pristine hallucinations of machinery in deep space, alien architectures, bizarre planetary ecosystems, just a very galactic kind of tapping-in to the informational field. But that is not happening unless people take committed doses...
The UFO is the central mystery symbol of the psilocybin experience, because the psilocybin experience blends imperceptibly into the UFO-contact experience if the doses are high enough. Now that's a fairly radical claim. Those two fringe concerns, UFOs and psychedelic drugs have never really been connected in the public mind, probably because linking a taboo to a pariah is not good sociological strategy. Nevertheless, experientially, they are definitely linked, and it is almost as if the UFO experience is a psychedelic experience induced by something other than the direct ingestion of a chemical agent. It's breaking through from the collective psyche, a totality-symbol organized around the idea of the hyper-dimensional rotating vehicle, which is linked to earlier images of the soul, earlier images of angelic flight and that sort of thing. In its modern expression it's the UFO, which looks like a mushroom, strangely enough. These are like visual and topological puns.
I'm talking about five dried grams for a 140-pound person to experience these more intense psilocybin-induced things. I think if you're going to bother to take a hallucinogen, you should take it at a sufficient amount that you can tell it from any other hallucinogen. At a very low dose, you're just sort of buzzed. But as you pile it on, then the special characteristics of each one begin to become apparent.
Psychedelic drugs decondition you from the prevailing myth of whatever culture you're in. That is a political act, to recondition yourself from a cultural mythology, and political acts are closely watched and controlled because they have consequences. The people at the top of the pyramid reserve the right to control political acts. This is the real controversy about psychedelic drugs. It's not whether one in 50,000 people steps out of a second floor window. No, the issue is what happens to the other 49,999 people. How their attitudes toward authority, their own lives, and their ability to take control of their own lives are subtly altered. It's a tremendous force for antifascism.

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