Seduction by K

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”I have left my body floating in a tank on the planet Earth. This is a very strange and alien environment. It must be extraterrestrial. I have not been here before. I must be on some other planet in some civilization other than the one in which I was evolved. I am in a peculiar state of high indifference. I am not involved in either fear or love. I am a highly neutral being, watching and waiting.
”This is very strange. This planet is similar to Earth but the colors are different. There is vegetation but it's a peculiar purple color. There is a sun but it has a violet hue to it, not the familiar orange of Earth's sun. I am in a beautiful meadow with distant, extremely high mountains. Across the meadow I see creatures approaching. They stand on their hind legs as if human. They are a brilliant white and seem to be emitting light. Two of them come near. I cannot make out their features. They are too brilliant for my present vision. They seem to be transmitting thoughts and ideas directly to me. There is no sound. Automatically, what they think is translated into words that I can understand.”

First being: “We welcome you once again in a form which you have created. Your choice to come here, we applaud.”
Second Being: “You have come alone. Why are you alone?”
I answer: “I do not know. There seems to be something strange about this; the others are reluctant to join me here.”
First Being: “What is it that you want from us?”
I say: “I want to know if you are real or merely a product of my own wishes.”
Second Being: “We are what you wish us to be, it is true. You construct our form and the place in which we meet. These constructions are the result of your present limitations. As to our substance, whether 'real' in the accepted sense upon your planet or 'illusion' in the accepted sense on your planet, is for you to find out. You have written a book on human simulations of reality and of God. Your problem here is whether or not you are travelling in one of your own simulations or whether you have contacted real Beings existing in other dimensions.

The scene begins to fade. John moves out of this extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.), resumes his consciousness of his body, and sees the old familiar movies of Earthside scenes and his own memories. Slowly these projected images fade and John is floating in the tank, remembering them in full detail. He climbs out of the tank and dictates the experience into a tape recorder.
Thus did he find another threshold under the influence of K. He began to call this the extraterrestrial reality thresholdon which his observer/operator became involved as a participant. The critical value of K at a single dose for exploring this realm was 75 milligrams.
The next threshold was found at 150 milligrams of K. In order to see this threshold clearly, he found that he also had to be in the isolation tank free of the interlock with the external world.
”I rapidly pass the i.r. threshold and the e.t.r. threshold, and suddenly 'I' as an individual disappears.
”We are creating all that which happens every where. We have become bored with the void. We know we have been eternally, are eternally, and will be eternally. We have created several universes, have dissolved them, and have created new ones. Each universe we have created has become more complex, more amusing to us. Our control of the current universe is on the upswing; it is becoming more complex as we regulate its regulation of itself. As we experience each universe, our awareness of ourselves increases. Each universe is a teaching machine for our awareness. To create a universe we first create light. We contain the light within the universe, within the space that we create to contain the light. We curve the space to contain the light
”In the early universes we watched the light contained travelling through its empty spaces, bouncing off the periphery in the curvatures of the space. We played with the six of those universes, expanding and contracting them, and watched the light. Large universes finally bored us, the light merely traveled around and around.
”One universe that we created, we decreased in size until the light was chasing its own tail. We found a new phenomenon, a new effect. When we decreased the universe sufficiently, the light, in chasing its own tail at very small sizes, became stabilized. The universe became a single particle of incredibly small dimensions. The light, in chasing its own tail, had generated this particle which had mass, inertia.
”In the universe after that one, we created many small particles encapsulating light chasing its own tail in the small dimensions. We found that some of these particles attracted one another, forming larger assemblages. We played with these assemblages. We found that light within these particles, rotating in certain directions, caused the attraction of the other particles in which light was rotating in the opposite sense.
”In a later universe we allowed the creation of huge numbers of these encapsulated light particles. We controlled their creation at one point and packed that small region with more and more particles. We found that there was a critical point at which they exploded outward.
”In a later universe we re-created the exploding point, and as the particles spread outward we arranged for them to condense on new centers. These new centers continued outward until we closed that universe and its space.
”In a later universe we began to reassemble particles in various parts of that universe, set up creative centers within the space of that universe. We set up points at which new particles were created and other points at which they were destroyed, reconverted into light.
”In a still later universe we allowed certain areas to become imbued with portions of our consciousness. We watched their evolution and found that each of these areas as it evolved became conscious of itself.
”In the current universe we have many assemblages of particles which have self-awareness. Some of them are huge, some of them are very small, a few have begun to question their own origins; a very, very few are becoming conscious of us. We are beginning games with these very, very few, manipulating their awareness. Most of these seem to be developing a sense of humor similar to ours. This universe is more amusing than the past ones.”
John's consciousness and self-awareness condensed back into a single individual. He began to experience himself as a self, separate. He came back through the e.t.r, into the i.r., and finally into his body in the e.r., which was the tank. He labeled the domain of losing self and becoming “we” the Network of creation (N).
He then tried the 300-milligram-threshold dose. He found that this plateau was beyond anything he could describe. It was as if he had entered a void, had become the void beyond any human specification. In returning from the void, he went through the creative network, the extraterrestrial reality, the internal reality, back into his body in the tank. He realized that, as a human being, he would be unable to use these larger-dose regions. He would be unable to describe what happened, so he labeled this high-dose threshold U, the Unknown At this point he abandoned study of the higher doses leading to the Unknown (U).
He now began to see the dimensions of the exploration and the parameters he had to explore, he divided the experiments into those to be done in the tank and those to be done in the human consensus reality, with single other individuals and with unprotected situations, not in his home. New dangers were to appear, one of which would terminate this exploration and render him incapacitated in a bed at home for a period of twelve weeks.

pp. 166-170 The Scientist by John C. Lilly, M.D. (1978)

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