Quinine Ethylcarbonate (Euquinine)

Quinine Ethylcarbonate

  • Action: Antimalarial; Febrifuge ; Tonic. succedaneum for quinine & its salts internally. Does not so frequently derange the stomach or intestines; rarely causes cinchonism & then less intensely than quinine sulphate. Particularly suitable for administration to delicate women & children.
  • Uses: Malaria; febrile infectious disease; whooping-cough; neuralgia, hectic fever, typhoid; quinine idiosyncrasy; prophylactic for malaria
  • Note: This "perfected" quinine is particularly eligible for children's use, as well as in many other cases, because, while tasteless, it yet develops the full quinine effect with practically no after effects.

    - p. 231, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

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  • Quinine Ethylcarbonate (Euquinine)