Label reads:

Constituents: Each tablet contains Cannabin T-N Representing 1-2 Gr. Cannabis Powder...

When used as a Nerve Sedative, the dose is 1 tablet every 1-3 hours. When used in Insomnia, the dose is 1 tablet at 6 P.M. and every hour thereafter until retiring."

Cannabin (Resinoid) Merck. - (not Cannabine)
From Cannabis sativa, L. var. indica (Indian Hemp)-Greenish-black, extract like mass. -Sol. A., E.-Hypnotic; Narcotic; Analgesic & Aphrodisiac.
Uses: Hysteria, deleria, tremors, neural, insomnia, gout, rheumatism, mental depression, insanity, &e. Dose 1/4 to 1 grain.
- from the Merck's 1907 Index

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