Parke, Davis & Co Throat Mentholated Compressed Tablets


    Please see McKesson & Robbins Analgesic Balm.

    Oil Anise

  • Volatile oil from dried ripe fruit Pimpinella Anisum L. (Anise) or from dried fruit of Illicium verum, Hook. fil
  • Action: Carminative; Stimulant; Antispasmodic; Antiseptic.
  • Uses (Internally): Increases flow of milk, & relieves flatulent colic; correcting unpleasant odor of medicines.
  • Uses (Externally): As liniment & ointment in colics, lice etc.
    -p. 359, Merck's Index: Fourth Edition (1930)

    Benzoic acid


  • Contains: Essential oil with cineole, tannin, ellagic and gallic acid, bitter principle, resin, wax, bacteriostatic substance
  • Effect: Expectorant, antiseptic, rubefacient.
  • The crescent-shaped new leaves of older branches can be gathered throughout the year. Do not take the heart-shaped primary leaves from younger trees. Dry in shade.
    - p. 170, Medicines from the Earth: A Guide to Healing Plants, edited by Dr. W. A. R. Thomson (1978)

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