Parke -Davis & Co. Dr. Hinkle Cascara Compound

"One of the herbs mentioned above is by far the best herb to use to treat long-term, or short-term, constipation. However, to achieve this it is used at a relatively low dosage for long period of time.

The herb is Cascara Sagrada, or sacred bark.

If Cascara is used in small amounts - say 50 mg with each meal; and if it is combined with other appropriate herbs, it will often deal permanently with constipation in about six months. It should be taken daily, however.

To be most effective, Cascara is combined with the herbs barberry, cayenne, Turkey rhubarb, and a number of other herbs. This type of formula has been wonderful for many people who have had long-term constipation." - Constipation - The Top 6 Herbs You Need To Know About

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Parke & Davis Cascara Compound