Parke -Davis & Co. Cannabis Indica Extract

Indicas, which originated in the Hindu Kush region of Central Asia, are characterized by their short stature and fatter leaf structure. Traditionally these plants were grown and bred for making hashish. The buds are covered in the glandular trichomes that we sometimes refer to as crystals or kif. The trichomes are sifted away from the leaf and buds and then pressed together to make hashish. Indicas tend to give their users a lethargic feeling, sometimes referred to as "couch-lock"or "stoned".

- p, 45, from "Cannabis Grow Revolution" by Danny Danko in The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis (2010)

We look at the indica versus sativa in terms of their chemistry. The indica seems to have more CBD in it than the sativa. The majority of the plant material is available here in the United States; we analyze three or four thousands seizures every year. Ninty- nine percent of it is very high in THC and low in CBD.

- pp. 271- 272, from The Government's Pot Farm by Dr. Julie Holland in The Complete Pot Book (2010)

Parke & Davis Cannabis Indica