Notch Number One

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(AKA: The First Notch & High on the Range)- Ben Wilson Productions. Distribution - Arrow Film Corp. 13 Sep 1924

Love, death and "marihuana" highlight this 1924 western melodrama, set in the late 19th century at the fictional Moore Ranch. Tom Watson, the rugged foreman at the Moore Ranch, is an affable friend to all, especially Dave Leonard, fiancée to Dorothy, the young daughter of Tom's boss. Dave Leonard is also a friend to the unfortunate Pete, a ranch hand recently fired by Tom. Distraught over the firing, Pete smokes marihuana -- loco weed -- and gives some to Dave, who is driven violent by the weed. Pete, also violent from the demon weed, seeks revenge against Tom for his firing. However, Dorothy intervenes, and is shot dead by Pete in the process.

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