Iberol is a discontinued product of Abbott Laboratories, and contains 15 grains of Nicotine .

Abbott Laboratories

More than 120 years ago, 30-year-old Dr. Wallace C. Abbott, a practicing physician and pharmacy proprietor, founded the company that bears his name. Using the active part of a medicinal plant, known as the "alkaloid," he formed tiny pills, called "dosimetric granules," which provided more accurate and effective dosing for his patients than other treatments available at the time. The demand for these accurate granules soon far exceeded the needs of his own practice and, from these modest origins, was born Abbott, one of the world's most broad-based health care companies and a global leader in the discovery, development and manufacture of products that span the continuum of care.

By 1910, there were more than 700 products in the Abbott catalogue. The company expands with branches in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto, a European agency in London, and business in India. - Our History, courtesy of Abbott Laboratories

Medicinal Properties of Nicotine

Nicotine exerts paradoxical effects, acting as both a stimulant and a relaxant. It causes increased heart rate and blood pressure while also acting as a muscle relaxant and reducing anxiety. It suppresses appetite and causes increased bowel activity. Initial exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or light-headedness.

The experiential effects of nicotine change with habituation. Those new to the drug often experience light-headedness and strong mental effects where those who use nicotine regularly do not generally experience those effects. Over time, the effects of nicotine are not only calming but are said to enhance attentional focus and increase the pleasure of other activities. Research published in 2006 by Kenny and Markou suggested that nicotine "resets the sensitivity of reward systems to a new increased level, thereby impriting an indelible 'memory' of its effects". In other words, smoke a cigarette and eat an apple, the apple seems to be just a little more satisfying than the apple without the cigarette.

Nicotine may provide some beneficial effects on certain psychiatric conditions and has been preliminarily shown to slow onset of Parkinson's Disease symptoms. It's stimulating effects may be used by ADHD sufferers as a self-treatment, although its beneficial effects on attention disorders has not been established in the scientific literature. Nicotine tends to reduce appetite, even in regular users. - Nicotine Basics on Erowid.org