High Times Premiere Issue


New psychedelic pills and powders are rumored on the horizon, going under such names as "space dust", "UFO," "Comet dust" and others. As with all psychedelics, know your dealer. STP still appearing around, and perhaps coming back into vogue ... quaalude market has dropped considerably... speed and heroin markets are dying, which methadone continues to grow ... Feds estimate they get probably 10% of incoming pot, and they're probably right ... monster loads that get busted are the tip of the iceberg ... pot so widespread now that enforcement nearly impossible ... occasional bust by a narc who can't get the hard drug people... 8 tons of pot said to be sitting in an abandoned warehouse in Tampa... it seems the people who own it aren't about to go back there ... National Guard was reportedly called out to guard the 25- 30 tons busted at Christmastime in Florida, and they reportedly used a Ringling Bros. tent to house it. They burned it as quick as possible to avoid a commando heist that was rumored ... Columbia very hot with narcs... pot war in Jamaica had resulted in fields being burned, less availability... has oil glutting the market, but an excellent buy... hashish a bad buy per dollar by comparison to top grass ... some mescaline available ... LSD getting much better.

Fed task force on stopping smugglers has reportedly moved office to Gainesville. $5 fine on grass is now law again in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti ... same in Oregon ... lots of new books on dope and a few on dealing out these days, but few worth reading ... a lot of bullshit is coming from the publishers ... the occasional articles in the Village Voice by "R" are excellently written from a layman's point-of-view, however .... check them out .... reportedly more marijuana busts in NYC since new harsh anti-hard drug law took effect, although law supposedly did not affect marijuana. California Marijuana Initiative failure to get enough signatures to get on ballot a blow to legalization, but movement stronger than ever ... National Organizations to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML) becoming more and more effective although quite straightish ... Amorphia (other major legalization group) having financial problems, but their Acapulco Gold papers much improved, especially the rice papers ... a big glut of rolling papers, many of them ridiculous ... whatever happened to electric hash pipes? ...

With a lot of narcs becoming dealers, and dealers becoming narcs, one begins to ask what they have in common, a question High Times will try to answer next issue... meanwhile, some of the best highs are not from drugs but from far out books, records, movies and various mental disciplines, from yoga to bio-feedback ... speaking of bio-feedback, the defense in the Sunshine LSD Trial in San Francisco was that they weren't making LSD, but ALS-52, a legal drug which generates calm and tranquil alpha waves, instead of the tense beta waves produced by LSD ... but the jury didn't believe that ... a chemical wholesaler of raw chemicals used by illicit labs in making LSD has been busted in California, and has been forced to rat out his customers, resulting in much confusion and hasty departures in about 20 LSD labs there...

- the first words ever written in High Times Magazine, Volume 1 Number 1, no author

Point of Interest: Back Cover of High Times Magazine, Volume 1 Number 1 is an advertisement for Timothy Leary's The Cure of the Oval Room, reading:

Transmitted by Timothy Leary
Illustrated by Yossarian

The newest book by Timothy Leary. Illustrated by Yossarian, one of America's great underground artists. Leary writes about the busting of Millbrook by G. Gordon Liddy, governmental voyeurism, Woodstock and Watergate, the legal system, secrecy, the fall of representative government, the return of individual sovereignty, and the dreaded Curse of the Oval Room.

In its early years, HIGH TIMES' biggest threat to survival was keeping pace with its own runaway success. Then, after the death of founder Tom Forçade in 1978, the magazine was racked by internal power struggles, and floundered through several changes in identity. But by the late 1980s, governmental harassment proved to be HIGH TIMES' greatest threat.
Throughout the last two decades, however, the magazine has had one important asset on its side: the truth about cannabis. Unfairly branded as a noxious weed with no beneficial uses, cannabis is, in fact, the most valuable and useful crop known to man, an important source of fiber, fuel, food and medicine. Although HIGH TIMES has carefully documented these facts for twenty years, the national media has always chosen to ignore us. I hope this changes, and someday HIGH TIMES gets the credit it deserves.
In the past five years, HIGH TIMES has become the most politically active magazine in America. After publishing the industrial and environmental benefits of cannabis, the magazine went on the road to college campuses across the Midwest, spreading its message about hemp. That effort ignited what has become the most vital protest movement of the '90s.

- Introduction by Steven Hager, in High Times Greatest Hits: Twenty Years of Smoke in Your Face. Trans-High Corporation (1994)

High Times Premiere Issue