Here I Go Again - Eire Apparent

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In 1967 the band moved to London and were signed by ex-Animal Chas Chandler and Mike Jeffery, who changed the band's name to 'Eire Apparent' - Jeffery wanted to exploit the Irish dimension and his wife came up with the new name.

Eire Apparent were briefly signed to Track Records, who also handled Chandler and Jeffery's protégé Jimi Hendrix, and recorded one single, "Follow Me" / "Here I Go Again," released in January 1968, before they left Track. Despite only having released the one single, Chandler and Jeffery sent them on tour to North America with headliners The Animals during February and March 1968. Things went well until, in Vancouver, Canada in mid February, McCullough was busted for possession of marijuana and sent back to Ireland, so guitarist Mick Cox flew out to take his place in the band.
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Parts of the lyrics:

Lights all around,
my head's filled with sounds.
Feel a little [frightening?],
is it real?

I'm getting higher,
my mouth's getting dryer.
going somewhere,
I dont' care.