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Hemp, in homeopathic dilutions (D1- D2) is only administered under doctor's orders for hysterical conditions, swelling of the liver, colic, and heart palpitations. Boiled in water, it is good for severe cough; it remedies a raw voice. Boiled in milk, it is recommended for dropsy. In essential form, it is also prescribed to treat lung inflammations with confused speech, for vomiting with bile, and for pains when breathing and speaking, also for chronic urine retention, especially when urine is excreted only drop-wise as a result of inflammation of the urethra.

- p. 158, Dilutions from Marijuana Medicine by Christian Ratsch (1998)

Among the South African Zulu, the flowers and the resinous exudate are smoked for pleasure, while the stalks and roots are used for medicinal purposes. Beverages made from the stalks and roots are drunk as an expectorant for diseases of the respiratory tract. The Zulus also ingest hemp in the form of cold water extracts, infusions, steam baths, and enemas... Hemp is most frequently used for various "cold" illnesses caused by colds, asthma, and tuberculosis. Asthma is treated with a cold water infusion; flowers are smoked to treat attacks.

- p. 129, Dagga from Marijuana Medicine by Christian Ratsch (1998)

Around the beginning of the twentieth century, numerous cigarettes and medicinal smoke powders based on Cannabis Indica were utilized to treat asthma, lung aliments, neuralgia, and sleep disorders.

- p. 134, The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants (2005)

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French Drug Co. Cold Treatment Cough Syrup