Early European Healing plants

Image of aconite, amanita muscaria, belladonna, black henbane, datura, mandrake, foxglove retrieved from witch of forest grove on June 8, 2013.

Early European knowledge of healing plants filtered down through the middle ages, some of it persisting until the modern times. The solanaceous Belladonna, Henbane, and Mandrake, for example, were employed in the earliest fold medicine of the continent for a wide range of medicinal purposes, because of their alkaloid content. They likewise played important roles in witchcraft and sorcery in the middle ages; this is perhaps one of the reasons why such medicinally valuable plants as Belladonna and Henbane were not accepted in the London Pharmacopoeia until 1809.

Excerpt from page 142 of Medicines of the Earth by William A.R. Thompson, MD.

aconite, amanita muscaria, belladonna, black henbane, datura, mandrake, foxglove


The earlier centuries showed so many wonders, and among them the most awesome thin was the healing . The nature has everything, it offers better healing than others.

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