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Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine

"The fresh juice of the [hemp] leaves is drunk for stomachaches. It is also given to cattle that exhibit symptoms of upset stomach or stomach pains.
In India, hemp has long found a multitude of uses, including in veterinary medicine, where the leaves and stems of the plants are used to treat fever and colic in cattle.- (p. 39)

"Hemp is even utilized in traditional veterinary medicine [in Russia]. When a house cat has eaten mukhomor mushrooms (Amanita muscaria, Amanita pantherina)- cats often exhibit an appetite for fly agaric mushrooms! - it is placed in a field of hemp so that it may eat hemp until it is cured of its bemushroomed daze." (p. 78)

"[The Roman] Pliny had the following to say about hemp's medicinal properties:

... Its juice dispels the little worms from the ears adn whichever animal has gotten in there, although it will give a headache; and so great are its effects that it is said that water in which it is poured becomes thicker; for this reason it aslo helps, when given in water, to treat diarrhea in beasts of burden."


-Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and VIsionary Powers of Cannabis by Christian R├Ątsch (1998)

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