Cannabis as Incense

Image from Potshot 17.

In Mesopotamia, and especially among the Assyrians, hemp was burned as a sacred incense... In the Occult movement, hemp was used as a visionary incense.
On the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Indian hemp is at the center of the Rastafari cult, a movement that arose in the twentieth century and is said to have its roots in Ethiopia. The ritual music of Rastas is reggae, and their sacrament is hemp (ganja). One leader of the Rastas summarized the cultural meaning of hemp in the following manner:
We use this herb as medicine and for spiritual experiences. It helps us to overcome illness, suffering and death... We use our herb in our church- as incense for God, just as the Roman Catholics use incense in their church. We burn our incense in order to venerate our God through spiritual experience... The herb is a true comfort to us. (p. 131, Cannabis indica in The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacy of Its Applications by Christian Rätsch (1998)

Related Reading:

" Germanic Incense
(from Olaf Rippe)

    Laurel (bay) leaves
    Henbane seeds
    Mugwort herbage
    Female hemp flowers

Combine equal parts of each ingredient. The mixture is strewn over glowing incense or wood coals. It is said to be suitable for oracular use."

-p. 104, Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis by Christian Rätsch (1998)