Where a remedy combining anodyne and soporific is demanded, this is an admirable article. No argument is needed to convince the experienced practitioner what may be done with such a combination as Hydrate of chloral, Bromide of potassium, Hyoscyamus and Cannabis- Indica.
We have relieved many suffering patients with Bromidia, and consider the combination far superior to Chloral Hydrate alone, in almost any case where the chloral is indicated. The preparation is not a patent medicine, but is put up for the profession by reliable pharmacists who know their business as well as any manufacturer in this country. Try the Bromidia, and you find it all that is claimed for it.

- p. 390, The American Medical Journal: Volume 7 (1879)

In Visions- A Study in False Sight (1878), Dr. Edward H. Clarke calls cannabis a “moderate anodyne and soporific” (p. 179).

Cannabis is described as an anodyne in the Merck Index: Third Edition (1907), page 123:

Cannabis Indica
Hypnotic; Diuretic; Intoxicant; Anodyne; Nervine; Sudorific; Aphrodis
Uses: Headache, summer diahreah, anorexia, neural. [no elaboration]; rheumatism, gout, chorea, hysteria, mental depression, delirium, tremens, uterine hemorrhage.

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