B.C. Bud (Hemp by Mark Bourrie)

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For two generations, botanists in B.C. and Ontario (many of them draft dodgers from the states who came up to Canada during the Vietnam War) have been designing better marijuana plants. Plants of the new breed - smaller, with spreading crowns of flower tops - bear little resemblance to the six-foot (two meter) plants that amateur growers cultivated when North Americans started planting acreages of pot in the 1960's.
Flower tops are about five times more potent than ordinary Mexican street marijuana (30 to 35 percent to six 6 percent, respectively). In fact, B.C. Bud, as it is known, is about as strong as the hashish that was on the streets 25 years ago.
One B.C.-based botanist and pot grower advocates cloning pot plants, rather than growing them from seed, because the clones are perfect reproductions of the parent plant. "Marijuana is one of the easiest plants to clone," he says: a single plant can produce up to 1 1/2 pounds (0.7 kilograms) of smokable substance in a relatively short cultivation period. At that rate, a low-end grower with only 25 plants can earn up to $100,000 a year.
Growing styles have changed too. Rather than planting acres of hemp, growers now cultivate small patches scattered throughout wilderness areas. Thieves who find some of the small plots don't get the entire crop. If the police find a little patch and manage to trace it to the grower, the marijuana grower may be able to convince the judge that the plants were for personal use, rather than for sale. That can be the difference between probation and jail. Growers are prepared for a certain amount of loss. One B.C. grower says: "One for the thieves, one for the cops, and one for me." B.C. isn't the only place where pot growers are busy. In 200 police executed 160 search warrants on pot patches across Ontario in 2001 that number jumped to 650.

Excerpt from pages 107-108 from Hemp by Mark Bourrie.

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